Hampstead Heath Hustle
a Three-Act Play

Feb. 2014 - present

Probably the project of a lifetime.
I am now at thirty-three the player I wanted to be.

This project is divided in 3 Acts.
It includes several scenes with different characters, stories and places. The play takes place in contemporary London, though many artistic ghosts are expected to have crucial roles in the narrative.

Act I — Out of sight portraits

The exposition. Is this a Drama? Or a Comedy?

This act introduces a new series of photographic portraits.
Portraits of people I fortuitously meet and decide to follow for a while. You shall never let somebody you recognise out of your sight.

status: production

Act II — I will dance on your grave

The obstacles encountered by the protagonist.

This act talks about dancing.
Or how to deal with life's ups & downs in the elegantest way.
Performances will take place accidentally, so don't bother booking an Unheimlich ticket.

status: filming
publicity: on Télérama, ZeFrenchFox Website, Youtube

Act III — I'm a speaker of your silence

The dénouement, at last!

This act will take the shape of a movie. A movie inspired by Charlotte Mew's dark musical poems and John Constable's luminous philosophical skies. Did I just say philosophical?
Well, brace yourselves people... Poetry is coming!

status: filming
publicity: research blog

If you wish to participate in the HHH Play
Send me a murmuration of swallows.